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Test: what kind of ice cream are you?

16 May 2018

One of the reasons why we have loved summer since childhood is because of ice cream. Suddenly, in the heat, the snack becomes more delicious and, often and willingly, you want to indulge in a sweet pampering.

Of course, there is ice cream and ice cream and - as the saying goes - not all tastes are mint. For example, we are talking mainly about chocolate, which we do not even deprive ourselves of in the form of ice cream! But we have no prejudices: the basic lines for Caffarel ice cream (in the Universal White, Fruit and Dark versions) cover every kind of taste and can be used to create natural products with "short, clean and innovative" recipes. Caffarel has in fact developed a new production process that makes it possible to obtain, in all simplicity, an ice cream with inimitable freshness and deliciousness, whipped at the time of consumption. You can taste it, for example, in the Flagship Store in via Carlo Alberto 12 in Turin.

After all, ice cream is a break with the rules and there is more taste to breaking the daily diet if you choose a healthy and quality product. So choose the ice cream you prefer, as long as it is made with art and with love for the ingredients. But also know that, as always, your choices are about you: here's your profile based on your choices when it comes to ice cream.

Ice cream cone: the traditionalist
There is no other way to eat an ice cream: it necessarily goes on top of a wafer. Lovers of the cone do not allow half measures or exceptions to this basic rule. For them, ice cream must be rigorously eaten like this. What's more, every ice cream cone lover has a precise technique for eating it. Here, perhaps more than traditionalists, you are a bit fixed. We recommend, for once, to experience the thrill of changing tastes. Let's see what happens!

The practical ice cream cup
The cup undoubtedly has many positive sides: it allows you to get less dirty, to dose with the teaspoon the amount of each bite, not to mix the tastes while you eat the ice cream. So where is the stumbling block? The fact is that with the cup you lose a little 'playful’ aspect of ice cream. For practical lovers of this kind, we recommend for once to get your hands dirty. It can be fun to find some sugar!

Brioches: the gourmet 
It is perhaps the apotheosis of ice cream: what could be better than to take a delicious thing and use it to fill a brioche? As we write about it, we already have it in our mouths. Brioches with ice cream are really a reward for the greedy, and as such they should be deserved. The advice is therefore not to exaggerate!

Takeaway bowl of ice cream: the lazy 
At home or in the ice cream parlour: open the tray and use your own cups and teaspoons or, if you are alone, you can eat directly from the bowl. Perfect for an evening on the sofa, maybe watching a movie or a football match. The advice, even in this case, is to be moderate, but this time in choosing the tastes with which to fill the tray. The ideal would be two/three tastes, if you don't want them to mix in an undefined mush!

Milkshake: the dynamic  
There is no time for anything, neither to eat nor to risk getting your hands and clothes dirty. However, ice cream is a must. The solution is to put it in a takeaway glass, in the form of a milkshake. Milk, ice cream, a straw to drink it with and the guarantee of anonymity: everyone will think that you are drinking coffee. The advice we can give you is, however, to stop a second. You will find that good things have more flavor if they are enjoyed in relaxation!