Puff Pastry with Dark Chocolate Cream | Chocolate Recipes by Caffarel

Puff Pastry with Dark Chocolate Cream

Puff Pastry with Dark Chocolate Cream
10 Minuti
25 Minuti
2 rolls of puff pastry
150gr “I Love Fondente” spreadable cream
1 egg yolk
Icing sugar as required
  • Unroll the first puff pastry roll without removing the baking paper. Spread the Caffarel dark chocolate cream using a spatula, then cover with the second roll of puff pastry, pressing the edges well.

  • Carefully place a glass or a bowl in the centre. With a sharp knife, divide the circle into 4 parts, then divide each part in half and then for each half, cut 3 strips.

  • Remove the glass and brush the entire pastry surface with the egg yolk. Turn each portion twice on itself then place all onto a baking tray. Cook in a preheated oven for about 20/25 minutes: the pastry must be golden.

  • Dust the pastry with the icing sugar and serve warm.