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Giuanduia 1865 autentico gianduiotto

The first since 1865.
always unique.


Gianduia 1865.

The name and the year that changed the art of chocolate.

A velvety creation by Caffarel.

The first Gianduiotto.

The first wrapped chocolate in history.

From the union between the finest chocolate and the best Piedmont hazelnuts comes a velvety and absolutely unique pleasure.

Opening the wrapper, the first thing that captures you is the intense scent of cocoa and hazelnuts. The smooth, soft and silky taste is a prelude to the pleasure on your palate where the chocolate melts deliciously, involving all your senses.



The invention of goodness

How did we come up with the idea of adding hazelnuts to cocoa? During the wars of the Risorgimento, Piedmont's Government reduced the importation of luxury goods, including cocoa. Therefore, Paul Caffarel devised replacing it partly with hazelnuts. Piedmont produced large quantities of top quality hazelnuts and continues this to date. During Turin's carnival in 1865, Caffarel invented the first Gianduiotto, named after Gianduja, the traditional mask of Piedmont.



The original recipe
28% Piedmont hazelnuts and fine cocoa

Piedmont hazelnuts are recognized by experts as the best in the world to combine with cocoa. We also have the good fortune of being right in Piedmont.
The cocoa we use for Gianduia 1865 perfectly combines the aroma of hazelnuts.

How do we obtain the inimitable creamy smoothness of the Gianduiotto?

We studied and re-studied the gestures of the old chocolate masters in squeezing out the cocoa and hazelnut paste from a pastry bag to obtain the soft and velvety drop of a Gianduiotto and we created a machine which performs this gesture to perfection, in all its elegance.
This is the extrusion: we take more than 150 years of original history of Gianduiotto, we combine it with Piedmont hazelnuts and fine cocoa, and we create a soft and sweet drop with an incomparable creaminess.


A tip for gourmands

Like all the best things in life, Gianduiotto has to be savored in pairs: it is better to have two, one after the other. In this way the persistent taste of the first one joins the aromas just left on the palate by the second. An experience that doubles the pleasure of Gianduiotto.

So good that one is not enough.

Once upon a time there was a Chocolate Master:
The history of Gianduiotto in a sweet fairy tale

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