Dark chocolate dipped covered meringues recipe, Caffarel

Chocolate covered meringues

Chocolate covered meringues
15 Minuti
120 Minuti
100g di albumens (about 3)
220g icing sugar
Lemon juice
100g Caffarel extra-dark 86% cocoa chocolate
  • Taking care that eggs are at room temperature, separate yolks from albumens and put these last into a bowl. 
  • With an electric whisk, whip up the egg whites until stiff with the half of the icing sugar and a few lemon juice drops: the compound must be lucid and spumy and, moving away the whisk, there must be a flock with a point.
  • With a slice, add the residual icing sugar to the albumens with delicate movements bottom-up.
  • Transfer the compound into a sac-à-poche with a smooth opening and even out it, with a 1-1,5cm thickness, on a dripping-pan covered whit oven paper.
  • Bake at 75° for about two hours untill the meringue is dry, then allow to cool and crack it in small pieces (2-3cm apiece).
  • Melt in a waterbath the Caffarel extra-dark 86% cocoa chocolate, then brush it on the meringues before tasting!

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