Caffarel at Cibus 2018; Parma, 7th – 10th May | Caffarel

Caffarel at Cibus 2018; Parma, 7th – 10th May

07 May 2018

Luserna San Giovanni (TO) – From 7th to 10th May Caffarel attends the nineteenth edition of Cibus 2018, the Nourishment International Exhibition which joins about three thousand italian firms and eighty thousand from-different-countries business operators at Parma once every two years.

It is a new opportunity to show the world the extraordinary variety and quality of italian products in which Caffarel, the enterprise founded in Turin in 1826 and noted for inventing the famous Gianduiotto, can’t miss.
The artisanal spirit, the chocolate production from the cocoa bean, the skilled blend between the finest chocolate and the best hazelnuts and the strong link with the area of origin, make the firm a real ambassador of Italian taste and a reference point in the premium chocolate culture.

At Cibus, Caffarel presents its range of Export-dedicated products, betting most of all on its historical icons, the Gianduia 1865 and Piemonte lines, which have been able to conquer the worldwide chocolate lovers thanks to the blend between the finest chocolate and the best Piedmontese hazelnuts, giving a moment of sweetness in the spirit of the real Italian taste.



The creamy Gianduiotto, invented by Pier Paul Caffarel in 1865 and still today realized in according to the extrusion artisanal method, is held in elegant gift boxes, in different sizes: from the Assorted Gold Gift Box, which allows to taste the famous praline in all its versions (Classic, Dark, Coffee and Dark Orange), to the refined Golden Ballotin, to the exclusive Golden Pyramid, perfect for an original  thought. In addition to these, there’re delicious creams and the Gianduia Classic and Dark bars.



Also the gift boxes of the Piemonte line, born of the blend between the finest chocolate and the crunchy whole Piedmontese hazelnuts, update its graphic and get rich by new sizes, perfect for every occasion.
The elegant Pochette with the colored border, brown for Classic Piemonte and red for Dark Piemonte, are ideal for a sweet gift, while the Mini Ballotin are perfect for a gluttonous out-of-home break. The Piemonte Case becomes smaller in its new 75g version and in its 33g snack format, for a prêt-à-porter Piemonte!


We'll be waiting for you at Cibus from 7th to 10th May!
Parma, Viale delle Esposizioni 393A, Hall 06, Booth H022