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Back to school!

Gelées Paw Patrol
07 September 2017

Some scream, some cry and some stick to the mother’ skirt. Some, excited to start, dash into the school, running with a smile on face. And, then, some are unsure and curious to know what will happen beyond that door but haven’t the courage to cut loose. On the first school day, childrens’ reactions are as different as those of their relatives: some are serene, some are moved and other don’t be able to conceal the anxiety.

It is a new beginning, for us and for our childrens.

After holiday months, we return to daily routine: alarm clock, homeworks and dance and basket lessons on Wednesday afternoon.

Among all things to be organized for back to school, the preparation of the suitcase is very important.

Caffarel offers you a sweetest idea to go beyond the back to school anxiety: the soft fruit jellies with wrappers dedicated to Paw Patrol, fun and brave puppies most loved at the moment, an efficient support to go beyond the first week of school!