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Gianduia and Peach Spoon Dessert

Gianduia and Peach Spoon Dessert
15 Minuti
210g Gianduja cream with 40% PGI Piemonte hazelnuts
200g (approximately) of amaretti biscuits
250g whipping cream
240g peaches in syrup
380g chestnut cream
  • Whip the cream and let it cool in the fridge.

  • Take the glass and make a first layer of chestnut cream (two table spoons)

  • Add a second layer of crumbled amaretti biscuits, in not too small pieces.

  • Cut the peaches into small cubes and add a table spoon over the amaretti.

  • Subsequently add two table spoons of Gianduja cream and top the dessert with a layer of previously whipped cream.