Dark Cremino chocolates in an elegant Cornet, Caffarel

Hazelnut Creations Dark Cremino Cornet

Hazelnut Creations Dark Cremino Cornet

Layered chocolates with a layer of Gianduja hazelnut milk chocolate between two layers of Gianduja hazelnut chocolate

INGREDIENTS: SUGAR, 22% HAZELNUTS, CHOCOLATE LIQUOR, COCOA BUTTER, DRY WHOLE MILK, FAT-REDUCED COCOA POWDER (processed with alkali), ANHYDROUS MILK FAT, SOY LECITHIN (an emulsifier), ALMONDS, VANILLIN (artificial flavoring).                                                  
Contains hazelnuts, milk, soy and almonds.
May contain other tree nuts. 
Gluten free
Store in a cool dry place
Made in Italy

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Gluten Free