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Would you tell your best surprise ever?

Piemonte egg
28 March 2018

You say Easter, and immediately you spark off two unforgettable sensations, reminiscent of when we were kids. On one hand, the gluttony tied to the chocolate egg, the sweatest gift to unwrap after the family meal. On the other one, the surprise: what will the chocolate casing hide? A little thrill, an expectation to satisfy, a gift into the gift.

Also for this reason, the surprise is an emotion which makes us act like childrens. When the happiness joins with the expectation, that’s where indelible memories form. We’re sure, in the best moments of everybody’s life there’s at least an unforgettable surprise.

To celebrate these moments, on occasion of Easter festivity and all the surprises inside easter eggs, Caffarel has asked some influencers to tell their personal way of life, using the hashtag #Lasorpresapiubella.

What we discovered is that surprises have many different aspects. Differently, it wouldn’t be a surprise!

Alessandra D’Agostino
For a blogger mum, what would the best ever surprise of life be? The arrival of her baby, obviously, and the joy to see his face for the first time. In any case, from this moment on out, Easter will have a new touch, with an extra egg to unwrap in family. 

Erica Tironi
We’re sure that for the colourful fashion blogger Erica Voyage, specialist in comfit colours, balloons and cupcakes, the most beautiful surprise will have to deal with love and happiness.

Luca Babboni
A travel storyteller, enthusiastic but with feet on the ground. For him, surprise means to be impressed  by simple gestures, rather than small things, giving attention to details which can make unique the routine. Despite his continuous traveling, there’s to believe that not necessarily the best ever surprise of Luca will have to deal with an exotic place…

Martina Palma
Even when things go bad, stand up and construct the life you want”: it’s the message which Martina spread every day among her followers. Her figure is in balance between cakes and pizzas eaten in company, career woman’s outfits and panoramic locations. Her chocolate egg will have a positive message inside!

Davide Schiavoni
Sepia and vintage-effect’s photos testify him: Davide is a traditionalist and, for those as him, Easter is with you want, is chocolate and sharing. His surprise? Certainly, it will have the same taste of festivities with the most important persons.

Alessia Russo
Alessia focuses on her originality. Her life as lifestyle / travel / beauty / fashion blogger gives her many emotions. Will one of these be linked with her best ever surprise?

And you? Would you tell your best surprise ever?
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