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What holiday are you?

02 August 2018

Summer, holiday time. At this time, unless you are a last-minute traveller (by nature or strategy) you should have already planned your holidays. They will certainly be very different from each other, because each of us has an entirely personal way of understanding his or her free time from work.

There are backpackers, ultra-organized travellers, those who can't stay for a minute and those who want to enjoy as much as possible the sweet doing nothing of the holidays. In short, he soon makes himself say "holiday". Whatever your summer schedule, we can advise you to make it as sweet as possible, bringing with you a good dose of gelées Caffarel, the perfect companion for any type of trip. And, on closer inspection, it may just be your taste for candy that reveals what kind of traveller you are...

Tropical gelèes - The tourist stranded
Tropical flavours that smell of faraway and exotic lands. If you have chosen the coconut, mango and pineapple gelèes to sweeten your trip, probably when you imagine your destination of heart you will see in front of you stretches of golden beach and crystal-clear waters. Places that ensure maximum relaxation, but with that slightly adventurous touch of a journey from across the world. Recommended destination: a Mexican beach (as suggested by the cactus of the new packs of tropical gelèes proposed by Caffarel) or a Caribbean island. 

Delizie d’Italia - The tourist walker
Fruit jellies that concentrate the juice of the best Italian fruit. If you have decided that your ideal travel companion are the gelèes of the "Delizie d'Italia" line, you are definitely a lover of beauty and goodness, to be searched at any cost and to discover and enjoy after a long wander. You are probably a walker, a fan of mountain paths - sheltered from the summer heat - or a city walker. Recommended destination: a tour of the beautiful Italian villages, rediscovered in 2017 thanks to the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, which has proclaimed the Italian Year of Villages. 

Assorted gelèes - The undecided tourist 
Faced with a bag of assorted gelèes, you just don't know how to decide. In the same way, you are confronted with the preparation of your holidays. Sea or mountain? Hot or cold? Italy or abroad? The time has come to decide, or to come with a suitcase assorted at the airport and see where your heart takes you. Recommended destination: a cruise around the world.

Bio Gelèes - The green tourist
Attention to nature, its rhythms and its products, cultivated in the most respectful way possible: from today even fans of the organic theme have their own gelèes, a novelty launched by Caffarel for the summer 2018. Those who choose them are probably "green" travellers, attentive to the themes of the environment and contact with Mother Nature. Recommended destination: a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by greenery of the Langhe or Chianti, in total relaxation.