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Valentine's Day: Fly Love!

Mongolfiera a cuore
08 February 2018

What love and chocolate have in common? Much more than it may appear! The sweetness, first of all. Then, the release of endorphins, the substances produced by our brain which give off health and happiness. And then there's the fact that a good chocolate can give a very pleasant, delicate and moving moment. Just like walking hand-in-hand with the better half!

It’s for these reasons that the most beloved ever Valentine’s gift is a chocolates box, maybe heart-shaped. Caffarel knows it and, also this year, have thought to lovers creating a special range 14th February-inspired: lots of tasty ideas for a romantic and sweetest gift.

You’d stop trying to look for apology: a sign of love, an attention, an unexpected surprise will loosen up the ice heart of unromantic and unconventional people. Just find the right idea and, maybe, make it more valuable personalizing with a touch of freshness.

For this reason, we’ve thought to suggest you some cues to make more special the gift boxes of “Fai volare l’amore” range. Because love represents a universal sentiment, everyone has a woman or a man for life to make a gift to.


Heart box with dark hearts
With the classics it’s hard to go wrong. Like every love movies, the most traditional Valentine’s gift is the heart-shaped box with chocolates. The Caffarel one, obviously red, has twelve romantic hearts of dark chocolate.

The extra idea
Take the sticker paper and prepare a small card to be attached under every chocolate. On every cards, write a word which remember you an happy memory of yours: in this way, every chocolate will be the occasion to relive a good moment of your love story.



Maxy heart in gift box
If the romantics describe love, they probably would say that it looks as sweet as a chocolate. Here’s that chocolate: a milk chocolate heart to be shared with the person you love.

The extra idea
Take a helium balloon with the shape you prefer and blind it to the Caffarel maxi heart so that it is anchored to the earth. Hitched to the balloon, show a card for a romantic couples weekend to the person you love. 



Dog plush with dark hearts
A gift full of tenderness which remains overtime: once the dark hearts finish, the puppy will stay with you and you’ll only name it Valentine.

The extra idea
There’s only one more thing left to the puppy: a precious collar. It’s up to you rectify : put a bracelet or a necklace around its neck to complete the gift.



Rose in gift box
This Caffarel idea blends two big must of Valentine’s gifts: the chocolate and the red rose. It’s hard to find a better gift!

The extra idea
What’s more romantic than a marriage proposal made on Valentine’s day? If the big step is in your plans, this could be the perfect gift; put the ring into the gift box, around the chocolate rose stem, and the surprise will be assured!



Gianduia 1865 in special edition
For Valentine’s day, Caffarel wears red its more historic chocolate: the awesome Gianduia 1865. Put some chocolates into a coloured organza sack and present it to the other woman or man of your life: mum or dad. A sweetest thought which will certainly make her or him happy.