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Trip to the Chocolate World

09 May 2017

Chocolate rewards you in happy moments and gives you comfort in difficult ones. A desire, an impulse that is often difficult to resist. The food seducing all ages and latitudes. 

No one can resist the cocoa taste any more: in China and the Far East its sales growth has reached 40%. With a volume exceeding 7 million tons, chocolate is the most loved confectionery product in the world! 

Cultural and culinary variances of East and West are united under the flag of Gianduiotto Caffarel, conquering the taste of our clients from Japan to the United Arab Emirates, from China to the United States. 


But, which are the favourite products of our clients from the eastern hemisphere?

Pralines filled with soft cream, cream candy and Gianduia chocolates packed in elegant gift boxes are preferred by our Nipponese cousins as a present for the beloved on the White Day, the feast of lovers which corresponds to our St. Valentine's Day (to learn more read here). The classical products are a hit in the East, too. Piemonte Classico has the taste of Gianduia chocolate, the crispiness of whole hazelnuts to match Jiu (the traditional Chinese liquor) during the most important event for the world's Chinese community: The Chinese New Year. 


And in the West?

In the western hemisphere chocolate does not play the leading role only at in the most important events. Apart from the classical gift boxes used as presents for Christmas or other holidays, chocolate bars and snacks conquer palates from Italy to the United States, without any distinction.

The lovers of dark chocolate favour the best extra-dark 70% chocolate in the form of a small bar. Instead, those who loves the hazelnut or milk chocolate taste chooses Tavoletta al Latte with crunchy hazelnut crumbs.

The West enjoys the greatest traditions of chocolate masters who brought the taste of cocoa and of handcraft production to prominence. Caffarel products are still characterized by strong bonds with the Piedmontese territory which gave birth to the legendary Gianduiotto: the precious IGP hazelnut of Piedmont. Another product enjoyed in our hemisphere is 40% Gianduia cream of Piedmontese hazelnuts. The savoury recipe of the original Gianduiotto was invented by Caffarel in 1865 as spread cream containing 40% of Piedmontese hazelnuts without any palm oil!