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The reasons to celebrate Mum!

05 May 2018

We’ve all been distracted, forgot an appointment or, even worse, an important birthday...However, it’s time to make an effort to remember Mother’s Day!

It’s good to write down this 13th May on the calendar, fix all the possible memos on the mobile phone and ask the whole world to remember this celebration. There are no excuse, mums have to be celebrated, and you know this. In case you’re wondering why, here’s ten good reasons (there would be more) which will definitively persuade you.

-    Mum never forgets your birthday.
-    If you forget to celebrate her, she won’t be offended.
-    Even if you might not remember, there was a moment when she had passed many nights because of you.
-    You’re so like her. Physically, to her character, intimately.
-    She has been, in 90% of cases, the first person you learn to name.
-    She is, in 90% of cases, the first person you call whenever you need.
-    By the way, you don’t phone her enough.
-    No starry restaurant will be able to beat her main course.
-    Think about, and you’ll discover that she’s you best accomplice.
-    She’s your roots. Remember this always: without roots, a tree falls.

Are you convinced to celebrate her? Be quiet, you have enough time to make her a beautiful Mother’s Day. Just buy a gift! The two gift boxes with Caffarel mouth-watering fruit jellies, realized in collaboration with Brandani for Mother’s Day, are a good idea: the metal jar and the ballotin with ribbon and a set of eggcups. Finally, remember to write a card with only three simple words: “Love you, Mum”.