Stevia pick&mix
26 July 2017

Tickets? Purchased!
Room with sea view? Booked!
Bays where to dive in crystalline waters? Located!
Just a little time more, we are almost ready for the long-awaited holiday!

Every time  before leaving for a trip, we have to face a big dilemma: what to pack? With few little tricks, it is easy to prepare the perfect suitcase! First of all, it is very useful to make a list with everything you need. Then, focus on your destination and pack dresses and accessories: the most important thing is to pack the suitcase according to the place you’re going to visit and what you’re regoing to do.
A last advice: it’s up to you to choose between books and shoes or sarong and swimwear, but reserve a little space for a supply of Caffarel sugar-free candies with stevia, the very new candies without calories blueberry, lemon sage and alpine herbs taste. All the Caffarel goodness in the respect of  health shape but, especially, of your favourite holiday!