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The new Dark range!

04 October 2017

“Intense”, “with floral smells”, “with citron notes”, “aromatic”… Begin to increase your  glossary with suitable terms because this autumn you can attempt tastings like a real connoisseur!

Chocolate lovers can live authentic tasting moments with the seven recipes of the range, born from the blend of fine Caffarel chocolate and carefully selected ingredients: a real sensorial experience.
To discover dark chocolate pleasures Caffarel has engaged Luisito Perazzo, the best Italian 2005 Sommelier, who has matched each bars with a distillate, a fortified wine or a passito wine with which chocolate shares its tasting sensation.

Before starting this seductive experience, get a glass of water or a piece of saltless bread: they will be useful to clean your mouth among tastings. Are you ready? Here is the ideal match for each bars!

Aromatic character - Aromatic taste, floral smells, red and tropical fruits notes, liquorice and coffee taste. 
Perfect with an aromatic, sweet and honey-tasted whisky, which perfectly blends with balanced perception and fusibility of chocolate, giving caramel, soft and tactile sensations.

Balanced character – perfect harmony between strength and softness of chocolate, surrounding cocoa note which exalts sweetness, toasting sensations and spices.
Perfect with a passito wine with fruity, mature and spiced notes, which favors an excellent union with the strong but round sensations of chocolate.

Intense character – Intense and fine flavour, distinctive and persistent character, strong perception of  balsamic, leather, black tea and spices.
Perfect with a fortified wine with pulpy, protracted and mild taste able to buffer intense cocoa sensations and stretch tobacco chocolate ones.

Robust character – Robust and full taste, intense and surprisingly sweet flavor, tangy and astringent notes with smoked, dark tobacco and dry fruits shadings.
Perfect with a thick, mature and concentrated Sherry which balances chocolate tangy character, projecting the taster in a mouth-watering dimension.

Scented character – The union of really fine chocolate and orange peels creates a bar with a really scented character: extra-dark chocolate becomes more tasteful thanks to citrus notes.
Perfect with a toasted, sweet and musky “grappa” which well matches with the succulency and the palatable citrus note of the bar.

Fruity character – The intensity of extra-dark chocolate melts with fresh and fruity raspberry taste ,which gives an acidulous sweetness that exalts and enriches cocoa profundity.
Perfect with a fruity and citron distillate, relieving at the same time the chocolate “butteriness”.

Citron character – Perfect mix between cocoa intensity and citron lime freshness, which gives original honey and spicy smells.
Perfect with a whisky with citron and smoked profile, which expresses honey, citrus and spicy smells.

With the new Dark range, Caffarel offers a trip discovering dark chocolate pleasures, to be tasted slowly and to be choosen every day. Now it’s your time to share your “character”, tagging us (@Caffarel1826)! Keep on following us, because this seductive tasting experience doesn’t finish here! In a few days, we are going to reveal new matches on our social media…