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The irresistible taste of "Dolce Vita"

10 April 2018

A table on a sea-view terrace, no planned engagements, romantic sunset colors. What is this idyllic image missing? An aperitif, obviously!

If we talk about Dolce Vita, the best time to have this is from 6.00p.m. forward when one of the most loved Italian custom starts: the aperitif! This moment signals the end of the working day, with all its worries, and the beginning of relax, maybe with friends.
When it comes to aperitifs, Italians have a long history. Some of the best loved cocktails, like Spritz, Americano and Negroni, claim tricolor flag.

A story which Caffarel celebrates today with La Dolce Vita collection: a soft jellies range dedicated to the Italian aperitif myth.
Three available tastes for this colored special collection: blond aperitif, tonic water and bitter, very much in line with the tradition of Made-in- Italy drink. There’s no respected aperitif unless it isn’t matched with gluttonous appetizers: it’s about this that Italians are really unbeatable.

For this reason, there’re some ideas for a tasty aperitif to conclude with the new Caffarel jellies: we imagined an easy and mouth-watering dish to prepare in combination with each of the three Italian aperitif types, as the gastronomic trend wants at the time, the “Food Pairing” (the match between drinks and gourmet dishes).

Blonde aperitif jelly – Avocado toast with salted peanuts

Salted peanuts are always the perfect match for the blonde aperitif, those which are served in a little bowl in every retro-style Italian bar. To update this tradition, you can use the mixture of granulated peanuts as topping of a very cool recipe: the avocado toast. To realize, whisk a ripe avocado with a bit of oil, hot pepper (if you like it) and squeezed lime. Then, spread out the cream on the roasted toast bread and garnish with mixture of granulated peanuts.

Tonic water jelly _ Spoons of buffalo stracciatella and red shrimps

Tonic water is for those loving delicate tastes but with character; for this reason, we thought of an appetizer (very simply to prepare!) which has exactly these characteristics. Take some spoons and fill with a bit of buffalo stracciatella. Cut the raw red shrimps as a tartare and arrange them on each spoons.

Bitter gelées – Cheese truffles with spices

Bitter is a choise with a strong taste, for this reason it’s preferable to match it with something supporting the taste. For example, some colored cheese truffles. To prepare, whisk a piece of fontina with a bit of ricotta, spread cheese and grated parmesan. With the obtained cream, make some rissoles to conserve in the fridge for about two hours. Before serving, roll them into poppy seeds (for black truffles), sweet paprika (for red ones), chives (for green ones) and hazelnut mixture (for brown ones).