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Skiing with pleasure. Which gianduiotto are you?

30 January 2018

2018 has finally given the perfect winter to the mountain lovers, with copious snowfalls which have whitened Italian tops, giving a new life to the ski slopes. Ready to pack bags, you still need to understand only what it’s the essential equipping for a sporty weekend on the snow. The important thing is to keep a little space for a very useful fellow: a lush ration of Caffarel Gianduiotti.

Winter sports are incredibly funny but require strong energies, many of which spent to fight against cold: an hour of a snow sport can let you burn about 400 calories if you choose sledding or about 1.000 calories with the cross-country skiing. When you plan a day at the mountain, it’s important to get ready in order to recharge batteries from time to time, taking a reserve of cocoa, sugar and Piedmontese hazelnuts, expertly combined to create a memorable chocolate: the Gianduiotto.

However, it’s true that not all the tastes are alike as the winter sports are different. Here’s a series of ad hoc matches, meant to accommodate the needs of all the mountain lovers: to each their own Gianduiotto.

Gianduia 1865The authentic Gianduiotto of Turin, rich of a story that started in 1865 with Caffarel recipe, is the perfect chocolate for traditionalists, even when we’re talking about sports. Its classic and full flavour perfectly adapts to the mountain sport lovers par excellence, the alpin ski: a sweetness to taste before every downhill.



Dark Gianduia 1865 
Pleasantly persistent and full of taste: the unmistakable Gianduiotto flavour in its version dedicated to dark chocolate lovers gives the right charge to the cross-country skiing addicts to proceed on the snow for several kilometres.



Gianduia 1865, Vergnano Coffee taste
If there’s something that can add vitality to chocolate is coffee. The result of these ingredients blend together is a very explosion of energy, perfect for a young and crazy sport like snowboarding.



Gianduia 1865, Dark Orange taste
The product innovation transforms the classic Gianduiotto in a praline with a unique flavour thanks to the mixture between the intensity of dark chocolate and the citrus taste of oranges. A velvety flavour that remembers the lightness of an ice sheet: for this reason, we recommend it to the ice skaters, from skaters to hockeyists.


Gianduia 1865, Dark Amaretto taste
An original inflection of the classic Gianduiotto, with a particular aroma, suitable for the most gluttonous people. Perfect for those who, more than to play a sport, love enjoying  snow as kids: for example, playing snow tubing, with rubber donuts to downhill at a highspeed.