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Mr Wonderful: Caffarel chocolate makes you feel happy!

Mr. Wonderful
19 February 2018

Imagine yourself in your typical day: early alarm, traffic, running at the workplace, maybe to get near that co-worker who definitely can't stand you all morning long...It happens to everyone or nearly, if that's any comfort: from a survey made by the European agency for on-the-job safety and health (, the problem referring to arduous relations at the workplace is most common than you think. It seems that, for six persons in ten, the work-related stress is caused by difficult relations between co-workers.

The key to improve complicated relationship, as often happens, is largely in our hands: you just have to know that an adjustment path can start from us and give big benefits in terms of serenity. A thanks, a smile, a greater willingness can often be a solution to solve problems even if you have to deal with a hostile working environment.

If that’s not enough, you can play with sweetness and irony. For example, making available to co-workers a chocolates’ gift box with a positive message.

The new range thought by Caffarel in collaboration with Mr. Wonderful moves in this direction: give a chocolate and the day’ll smile at you. A sense of optimism which is impossible not to obtain with the pastel-colours and the funny-graphic’s packaging typical of Mr. Wonderful, the graphic design office which has transformed hearts and clouds in a must-have.


We cannot continue to sulk in front of a unicorn which heralds “Today will be a magical day” from the wrapping of a chocolate. In the colourful gift box realized in collaboration with Mr. Wonderful, there are sixteen different Caffarel napolitains bearer of as many positive messages like the ice cream cone which claims “I melt with you” or the doughnut which gives the perfect excuse to eat another chocolate, “I have a pit in my stomach”.

Then, there’s the metal heart-shaped box with Caffarel chocolates and a universal message, directly recited from the Earth to the Moon: “I love you so much”.

Moreover, the perfect message to conquer the colleagues at work is the one of the delicious blue bow box thanks to which it’s possible to arrange the perfect swap: “Exchange chocolate with a smile”. Put it in front of you at work and offer a chocolate to whom is passing where you are: it’s surely the sweetest peace offer we can think.

If the problem is a bad day, during which nothing has served and that project you were working on by time has been defeated without opportunity for reply, comfort yourself with a milk chocolate heart, remembering that “If A and B plans don’t work, let’s pass to C plan of chocolate!”.