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How to taste chocolate?

degustazione cioccolato
30 March 2017

For proper chocolate tasting, before starting, get a glass of water, it will be useful to clean the mouth between a tasting and the other. Begin tasting starting from the chocolate with the lowest percentage of cocoa: first, for example the White chocolate and vanilla, then the Milk and finally the Extra Dark chocolate 82%.

The 5 senses into action.

Smell: free chocolate from the box and, before observing it, use your smell to perceive the first aromas.

Sight: carefully observe the appearance: color, uniformity of texture and shine. The quality chocolate looks bright, thanks to the tempering process.

Touch: now carefully assess the surface structure, is it smooth, rough or granulated?

Hearing: hearing is also important, pull over the ear the piece of chocolate and break it. The sound determines the quality of chocolate: a dry and distinct sound (snap) indicates an high quality product.

Taste: it's time to taste the chocolate piece. Place it on the tongue without chewing, to get the most out of chocolate, you should let it dissolve slowly, melting will begin to release the flavors. A good chocolate usually releases a lingering aftertaste, which can last several minutes.

Were you able to decipher all the sensations? Continue to practice tasting as soon as possible, the journey to the discovery of chocolate can have many shades and make you discover a wide variety of flavors.