Happy birthday mum! | Caffarel

Happy birthday mum!

Festa della Mamma
10 May 2017

In a few days, Mother's Day is celebrating, have you already thought about how to amaze her? We would give you some tips to make unique this moment.

We at Caffarel are always at your side, we live with you every moment of joy and celebration at home and on the table. And we know that often, on these occasions, the concept of treasure is quite different from a jewel or a perfume, but it turns into something handmade, fun and definitely original.

To surprise her we thought of  two proposals to give her a tasty thought made with the heart.

The recycled paper flower with Caffarel chocolate heart 

All you need to get started is:
• An egg carton box
• Tempera colors
• A wooden skewer
• Rounded tip scissors
• Paintbrush
• Hot glue gun (or vinyl glue)
• Your favorite Caffarel chocolates


Crop two slots from the egg carton box separating them from the rest of the package. Split the 4 sides of each slots giving them the shape of flower petals. Choose tempera colors, better than in your mom favorite tint and color...free the fantasy! Put aside petals to dry and proceed to the creation of the flower stalk. Paint the wooden skewer and let it dry. Once the decorated pieces are dried, you could  give life to the flower, join the pieces: with the tip of the skewer, grasp the two parts of the petals that you will gently insert along the stem, overlapping them.
Now the flower is ready to receivethe chocolates chocolates chosen for her, you can put it into petals with a little hot glue or with a vinyl glue brush.

A bouquet of Caffarel Mini Milk Pink Hearts

All you need to get started is:
• A colored A4 cardboard
• Colored marker, including a green one
• A colored ribbon or a bow
Mini Milk Pink Hearts
• Hot glue gun (or vinyl glue)
• Brush


Fold the cardboard into two parts. The outside will welcome our gluttonous bunch of hearts while inside you will write the special thought dedicated to mom.
Let's start. Open the cardboard and inside write a custom dedication, embellish text with small drawings, helping you with the colored markers you have available.
Once you have completed your thought you can devote yourself to the outside. Close the cardboard and start working on the visible part.
With the ribbon you create a bow, gluing it to the bottom of the cardboard: it must contain stems of your chocolates bunch. With the green marker, you draw so many stems, starting from the base of the bow to the top. Now take the Caffarel Mini Hearts and apply a little glue on the back, apply them on the cardboard and paste them giving the shape of a bunch of roses (that is, widening towards the end of the card). Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry. Your gluttonous thought is ready!