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Fruit and chocolate: the perfect mix!

26 May 2017

Is there anything beyond the sweetness of chocolate? Yes, chocolate fondue! Suitable as dessert on a evening with friends or at the end of a romantic dinner, the fondue well brides the seasonal fruit.

What is the perfect fruit?
According to a study by the ESADE Spanish Institute, fruits best suited to dark chocolate are cranberries, raspberries, cherries, gooseberry, pineapple, kiwi, oranges and mandarins.
And strawberries? The research will also have produced a scientific result but doesn’t consider fruit that we knowly associate with melted chocolate.
In fact, we know that this combination tempts the most gluttonous palate because it creates a perfect mix by combining the chocolate intense taste with fresh and sweet, but slightly acidic, strawberry flavor.
In addition to fresh fruit, the dry one holds a privileged place among the most appreciated combinations. Hazelnuts, almonds, dried figs and even pistachios are a perfect match.

How to prepare it?
Preparation is very simple.
Melt 250g of Caffarel Dark Chocolate, you can choose between Fondente and Extrafondente for an even more intense taste. Combine the chocolate with 100 ml of already hot cream and mix vigorously until you get a velvety mixture. Serve it still warm, inside the special container provided with the undercooker, along with your favorite fruit.
A small suggestion:  for a perfect presentation, we suggest not to use fruit that quickly loses color and tone after being peeled, such as bananas, apples and pears.