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From Cocoa to Chocolate

17 February 2017

We are among the few ones to produce chocolate starting from cocoa bean.

A journey which starts from the plantations in Ecuador and Ghana, and which develops through a full understanding of each step of that patient process that transforms cocoa into chocolate. This process starts with a modulated roasting of the beans to enhance the aromatic intensity of the cocoa.

Then it goes through a microscopic refining process that reduces the cocoa paste and the other ingredients of the chocolate into extremely fine particles, to create an inimitable velvety sensation on the palate, a true sensorial caress.

A slow conching process follows, where the flavours and the aromas of cocoa, vanilla and sugar are smoothly enveloped together.

The final process is tempering: the chocolate cools down forming cocoa butter crystals which make the chocolate bright and crispy.

The miracle is accomplished again. The cocoa tree fruit has been transformed into Caffarel chocolate.