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Chocolate becomes literary with Petunia Ollister!

Tavolette Dark
09 November 2017

A book for every chocolate, a story for every taste. Dark Tablets range has become a multisensorial trip among flavours and tales with Stefania Soma, better known as Petunia Ollister, an enthusiast reader who photographs her favourite books on Instagram account @petuniaollister

Each Dark Tablet has its own character which is matched to a tale with the same peculiarities by Petunia Ollister. Seven tastes for seven covers: seven multisensorial trips to travel every day.

Here is the matches which Petunia selected for you:

To make the trip more involving, Petunia mentioned seven influencers, one for each chocolate type, inviting them to tell their personal tasting experience. Quality and raw materials of Dark Tablets deserve to be shared!

Now, you just have to get comfortable, choose your favourite Dark Tablet and taste it together with a good book!