Caffarel at Sigep 2018… for the five sweatest days of the year! | Caffarel

Caffarel at Sigep 2018… for the five sweatest days of the year!

Decorated chocolates
16 January 2018

Dear confectioner, dear ice-cream maker, put your secret and inimitable touch in every creation.

We add value and certainties to your creations with our chocolate.

Come visit us from 20th to 24th of January at Rimini Fiera, Expo Centre Padiglione B3, Stand 001.


Sigep is the most important international fair totally dedicated to the sector of artisanal ice-cream parlour and confectioner, a exhibition of products and equipping to be turned to the most successful professional.

This year again, we are the protagonists at Rimini to pass on the extraordinary peculiarity of our “Professional” products and to give an extra nice touch to the experts.

During the five days of the sweatest hub of the world, our Ambassadors of the University of Chocolate will present the new recipes and the innovative production techniques dedicated to ice-cream and pastry handicraftsman.



We've created a chocolate couverture range to speed up the tempering process, guarantee a perfect glazing and facilitate the realization of hollow figures, ganache, pralinery and oven products.

At Sigep we'll present three new recipes – Latte più Latte which exalts the sweetness of milk chocolate, Monocultivar Ecuador 70% with its aromatic taste and Extra Fondente 86% with its strong character – and the new pack of Tecnica Fondente – which will let confectioners to work faster and without the need of modelling or tempering.



To garantee the best quality, combining the artisanal spirit with with the modern productive technologies, we've create Paste Bitter, Spalmabili alla Nocciola, Pure alla Nocciola and Classiche, meant for whom invents and produces high school sweet products since 1826.

At Sigep we'll show in preview our new recipe book which will help the confecioner to exploit the big versatility of Paste Pronto Uso and the excellent quality of Paste Classiche, obtaining dessertd with an incomparable, unique and delicate taste.



We've created the ice-cream guidelines to guarantee a extra value for the artisanal ice-cream: an high performance and natural ingredients make our recipe “short, clean and innovative”.

At Sigep we'll show a innovative productive process which lets to simply produce an ice-cream with an incomparable freshness and smoothness, creamed during the consumption moment.