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Bye Bye School: pros and cons of the school year end

11 June 2018

Have you been waiting for the end of the school year for ten months? Know that maybe you haven’t made a bargain. Summer holiday aren’t only made of positive aspects. Here is a list of pros and cons which the school closure brings with it.

-    No more classtests
-    No more wake-up early in the morning
-    No more weekends spent on books
-    No more surprise tests
-    No more “Go to bed early because you’ve to go to school tomorrow”

-    No more breaks spent chatting with friends
-    No more football matches during the gym lesson
-    No more extraordinary mind constructions to copy during class tests
-    And, most of all, no more hours and hours spent with friends

At least, until September.

Have I convinced you?

Okay, we’re joking. We know that pros win against cons. And then, the three summer months pass quickly, among sun, sea and holiday, so we’ll meet our friends soon. Anyway, it would be nice to let them know that, between dives, we’ll miss them a little bit and there’s nothing better than a mouth-watering gift. Here’s some Caffarel gift ideas to spend summer holiday without forgetting who has been there for you during the school year.

For your best friend, there are the sucettes, mouth-watering lemon, apricot, orange, cherry, strawberry and cola-taste lollipops by indicating to send just a message once she/he’s eaten one.

For your funniest but a little bit dunce classmate, who will sure forget doing holiday homework, we recommend citron lollipops. She/he can eat one once she/he’s finished at least a part of the work to do.

Then there’s your better half, from whom it’s more difficult to keep away until September. To a love which can last all summer long, you could give one of the sweet sea-themed plushes: coloured polyps and crabs which a bag with assorted jellies is tied up. A very loving means to say “You’ll miss you”.

Finally, a gift for the teacher is mandatory. She has bore you all school year long. For her a soft cola, lemon and strawberry-taste jelly lollipop, hoping that she’ll return sweeter to her desk on September.