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Bio jellies: there’s more taste with summer fruits!

organic jellies
30 August 2018

It's the magical relationship between the earth and the sun that makes summer fruits the best of the year. Sweet, juicy, able to conquering even children: from June to September, eating fruit is a real pleasure. Especially when it is good, healthy and natural.

For this reason, Caffarel created the Bio jellies, made with organic ingredients, pure fruit juice, cane sugar and natural flavors, for summer 2018. Perfect for a moment of sweetness, these jellies contain all the good and healthy summer fruit. Four different flavors, for four among the most popular fruits of the season: blueberry, cherry, lemon, raspberry. And if the Caffarel jellies aren’t enough, here are some ideas (simple and fast) to enjoy them in all their sweetness.

Blueberry: cheesecake in glass
Blueberries, besides being very good, are rich in beneficial properties. Here is an idea to make them even glottonous.
For the biscuit base: crumble wholemeal biscuits, mix them with a little melted butter and make the base of our cheesecake on the bottom of a glass.
For the cream: mix some spreadable cheese with a little of brown sugar and a little of ricotta. Fill the cup leaving a space for the blueberry topping.
For the garnish: complete the cup with a handful of fresh blueberries.
Keep in the fridge for a couple of hours before consuming.

Cherry: cherry syrup
If you have some cherry or if there is someone a little bruised or overripe among those you have bought, you can safely use them to make a syrup, which can be the perfect topping for a plain ice cream or a chocolate cake.
Preparing cherry syrup is very simple: just wash, deprive of the kernels and boil them with a little water and, if you want, a glass of white wine. Stir often and, when the cherries disintegrate, filter the obtained liquid. In another pot, let the sugar go with a little water until it blends well. Mix the two compounds and you will get the syrup.

Lemon: lemon ice lollies
It’s a great classic to quench your thirst during the summer heat: lemon is a product of our lands and we have at our disposal very good ones. To make it even more refreshing, you can make small ice lollies.
You need to make a syrup by boiling water and sugar and adding lemon juice. All this will be then poured into the special ice-lollies molds and frozen.

Raspberry: raspberry tiramisu
A delicious variation of the most famous italian dessert, in which raspberries alternate with mascarpone cream: in this case too, the advice is to work on single portions in glass.
On the bottom of the glass, crumble a milk-soaked Savoy biscuit. Cover with raspberries previously blended with brown sugar. Make a layer of mascarpone cream, made by mixing two compounds: on one side a yolk with 10 grams of sugar, on the other an albumen with two spoons of mascarpone. Finally garnish with a handful of fresh raspberries.
Keep in the fridge for a couple of hours before consuming.