AUGUST 15th | Caffarel


10 August 2017

The August 15th has its origins in the XVIII century a.D., when Ottaviano Cesare Augusto established the feriae Augusti, that is the “August’s rest”. This was a festivity to celebrate crops and the end of the main agricultural works.

Since then, in Italy, the event is always very awaited and there are many traditions: first of all, the day trip! On August 15th everyone has a rest to enjoy company of friends and relatives, far away from cities and work, with rich packed lunches.

Which are the essential elements for a perfect pic-nic? Fresh and light dishes, delicious snacks, soft drinks, a lot of fruit and some good desserts to cheer up the meal end. Other things that could never miss: good music, icy drinks, a fresh watermelon, a bug spray, a sunscreen and, why not, our Allegrelle! Delicious assorted filled candies with pure fruit juice of apricot, plum, pear, lemon, orange and apple.

The name looks good, you just have to pass a funny August 15th and leave every thought to the day after!

Il nome promette bene, a voi non resta che trascorrere un Ferragosto all'insegna del divertimento, lasciando ogni pensiero al giorno dopo!